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Johannesburg - The EFF has vowed that one of its biggest adversaries would leave the council chambers in Joburg in tears on Thursday morning.

They made the direct threat to both the ANC and the DA on Thursday, ahead of the vote of no confidence in Joburg’s mayor, Herman Mashaba.

“Tomorrow one of you will be crying,” said EFF council leader Musa Novela.

The motion of no confidence, as well as a motion to suspend two ANC councillors - one already suspended by the ANC for illegally selling municipal land and another convicted of assault, but not yet sentenced - will be heard on Thursday.

The pair are still on full pay.

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ANC forges ahead with motion to remove mayor Mashaba

The EFF’s message to the ANC and the DA was delivered during the City of Joburg’s monthly council meeting on Thursday, in reference to the motion of no confidence being brought by the ANC against the DA-led council.

The EFF was reacting to a speech by ANC councillor Matsemela Madisha during a debate on new plans for the rejuvenation of the inner city.

The ANC approved the plan, with Madisha saying the party had always been concerned about the residents of Joburg.

The ANC, he said, had struggled for years to transfer “economic and ownership patterns in the city”.

He said he hoped Mashaba would also offer free rentals and stop the high rents. He added that black private investors should also be involved.

But EFF councillor Johannes Mosehla said his party would not approve the plan for the inner city, because there had not been proper consultation with the people and no oversight visits by the city.

There had only been a brief workshop, which was not enough, he added.

Joburg’s ANC have tabled another motion of no-confidence in the city's mayor, Herman Mashaba. File picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/ANA

He accused Mashaba and “his cronies” of buying hijacked buildings for a profit, adding that the EFF would “never allow the continuous renting from capitalists”.

The ANC then accused the EFF of not voting for the item, because the rejuvenation of the CBD was started years ago, and was being driven by the ANC.

The EFF immediately objected and called for the withdrawal of the statement, but was overruled.

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An angry Novela then told both parties that tears awaited them this morning.

The DA has organised a pro-Mashaba march on Thursday, starting at 8.30am at the Pieter Roos Park in Parktown.

The DA said in a statement that “thousands of people” were expected.

Motorists have been advised by the Joburg metro police department to avoid the area.

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