Uber and Taxify drivers met at a secret location after their colleague was burnt to death in the boot of a car in Sunnyside last week.Picture: Jacques Naude/African News Agency (ANA)

Pretoria - A hurting mother wept like only a mother could when 'Amazing Grace' was played at the memorial service of slain Taxify driver, Siyabonga Ngcobo, at the Tshwane University of Technology on Thursday afternoon. 

A sad and painful atmosphere dawned upon students and political delegates when Zandile Mbonambi cried at the loss of her only son in a gruesome manner at a foreign province. 

The KwaZulu Natal family had been in pain since the torched remains of torched Ngcobo, 21, were removed from the boot of a burnt Chevrolet Aveo in Sunnyside on Thursday night. He was killed a week after he started driving the cap. 

Speeches had to pause and slow music had to be played when Mbonambi started crying for her son. She cried when relatives and friends described her boy as a ‘good boy’ with a lot of potential and big dreams.

After the service, some students and friends of Ngcobo remained behind hug and comform members of the Ngcobo and Mbonambi family. 

Sunnyside police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela said investigations into Ngcobo's death were at a sensitive stage and no further information would be released over and above what was in the public domain. 

However, students wanted urgent arrests no more statements from the police and politician. They felt not enough was done to bring about justice for the slain final year Sports Management student.

#NotInMyName organised a march to call for justice for Ngcobo and were set to demonstrate in the capital on Friday morning. 

Their march worried a group of elderly metered taxi drivers told the Pretoria News that they were kicked out of some taxi ranks by other metered taxi drivers. They said those drivers were the ones who were violent and most of them did not have permits. 

“We feared that students could mistakenly attacked even us because most of the public put all metered taxi drivers under one large blanket...."

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