Former coach at Parktown Boys’ High School Collan Rex leaves the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court covering his face after appearing. Itumeleng English African News Agency (ANA)

JOHANNESBURG - A teenager from Parktown Boys High School told the High Court, sitting at the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court, on Wednesday that his former water polo assistant coach, Collan Rex, performed oral sex on him.

After Prosecutor Arveena Persad introduced the 16-year-old boy as a witness, the teenager told the court of incidents where Rex choked and performed oral sex on him.

"When I started in Grade 8 he would play games where he would choke you and squeeze your genitals," the teenager told the court.

"At the end of the year in 2016, he invited me to his room and he asked me if he could massage my back then I said yes ... then [he] tried to take my underwear off and I asked him to stop and he started touching my genitals. He started to play with my genitals and then put them in his mouth. I pushed him away and I left."

The boy said Rex had his genitals in his mouth for around 10 seconds.

"Another time when I was in the bathroom he came [in] while I was inside and asked if I was masturbating and asked if he could help," the teenager said.

Defence lawyer William Robertse questioned the 16-year-old about Rex touching him inappropriately.

"I was too scared to say no...he had asked me to make him hot chocolate...him being the hostel master I was being respectful," the teenager said.

Robertse asked the boy whether he knew what was appropriate and inappropriate when he and 14-years-old.

He responded saying: "Yes."

"I didn't report him because when I started at Parktown I was told you not allowed telling on." 

The boy said he felt violated but couldn't report Rex because of the code of silence and he decided to keep the matter to himself.

Robertse asked the 16-year-old why he did not mention the oral sex incident on the statement he made to the police.

"I was too embarrassed," he responded.

The boy said he only revealed the oral sex incident in his second statement after his mother asked him whether he had truly told the police everything that Rex had done to him.

"The accused will testify that in 2016 he was sharing a room with someone called Njabulo Zulu who was a fellow hotel master and rugby coach," Robertse put it to the boy.

The teenager responded saying: "That's false because Zulu only joined after the incident happened."

Robertse retorted saying: "He denies ever giving you a massage and forcing oral sex on you." 

"He did," the 16-year-old said.

Court adjourned to Thursday.

African News Agency (ANA)