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CARLETONVILLE - Five people have been killed and six others injured in two separate car crashes in the Carletonville area in Gauteng overnight, paramedics said on Sunday.

In the first incident, two people were killed and five others sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate when two vehicles collided on the Blybank Road in Carletonville on Saturday night, ER24 spokeswoman Ineke van Huyssteen said.

On arrival at about 10pm, paramedics found a vehicle in the road and another standing partially into the field. Upon further assessment, paramedics found two people trapped in the car. Unfortunately, there was nothing paramedics could do for them and they were declared dead at the scene. Five others were found to have sustained minor to moderate injuries.

ER24, as well as another medical service on the scene transported the patients to hospital for further medical care, she said.

ER24 paramedics came across the second accident where they found three people who were killed and one who sustained moderate injuries after the car they were travelling in rolled on the P111/R501 road in Carletonville early on Sunday morning.

Paramedics stopped at the scene at about 3am where they found the "patients lying across the road". It was believed that they were ejected from the car. Three people were declared dead at the scene.

Another medical service on the scene transported the injured patient to hospital for further medical care. The circumstances surrounding both accidents were not yet known, Van Huyssteen said.

African News Agency (ANA)