File picture: Danie Van der Lith
Johannesburg - The Gauteng Department of Education has unveiled a pilot project, in partnership with Unisa, to train volunteer food handlers in nutrition and safety.

Spokesperson Steve Mabona said the aim of the project was to equip the handlers with the knowledge to prepare safe and nutritious meals within the programme and also empower them for future endeavours.

Early this year some handlers who spoke to The Sunday Independent blamed the department for not providing them with any form of training and of being paid little money. It was also reported in May that four had appeared in court for theft of food from Ramahlale Primary School in Mamelodi East.

A source who spoke on condition of anonymity said their working conditions were terrible. She said food handlers were not registered for UIF and pension fund. They also did not have annual leave and sick leave days. She attributed the bad things which have been committed by some to poor working conditions and low pay which lead to low morale.

Mabona said: “The project is yet to be piloted.” 

Sunday Independent