Girls lured to Springs house raped, forced into prostitution, court hears

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Published Jul 31, 2018


Pretoria - A teenager is expected to plead guilty on Wednesday to several charges of human trafficking, rape and statutory rape after he and his four co-accused allegedly imprisoned several women, including a 14-year-old in a brothel in Springs.

It is claimed in the indictment which was handed to the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, that the unsuspecting victims were invited for a visit at the house.

Once they got there they were locked up and forced to use drugs.

The alleged kingpin, a 44-year-old Nigerian citizen, allegedly raped the victims himself before he forced them to work as prostitutes.

It is expected that he and a 43-year-old Nigel man will plead not guilty to the charges against them, as well as two South African women, aged 23 and 26.

There are 29 charges in total, but not all the accused are facing all the charges in the indictment. .The Nigerian citizen is, however, facing all 29 charges.

Their names (apart from the 17-year-old accused) will be revealed once they have pleaded to the charges, as they are also facing rape charges. The five briefly appeared in court on Tuesday, where the matter was enrolled to Wednesday.

It is claimed that the Nigerian national rented a house in Springs for the past two years, which he used both as a brothel and a spaza shop, where drugs were also sold.

According to the State, the accused and other sex workers approached potential clients who came to buy grocery items from the spaza shop and members of the public who passed in front of the house and offered them the services of prostitutes.

It is said that the prostitutes had to give their money to their Nigerian pimp, who then paid them by giving them drugs and beer.

He allegedly also had people who had to recruit young women on the streets to come and work in the brothel. One of the victims, a 14-year-old, was approached in the street and invited to visit the house.

Once she got there, she was allegedly locked-up and forced to use drugs. It is said that one of the female accused showed her how to smoke drugs and once she was under the influence, she was forced to perform sexual acts on the pair.

She is expected to tell the court how she was then initiated into the world of prostitution by the Nigerian, who raped her in front of his 26-year-old co-accused, said to be his girlfriend.

They also allegedly took near naked pictures of her, which they placed on the internet, together with a telephone number, to advertise her services.  It was said that these advertisements solicited a number of male clients to visit the house and to have sex with the young teenager.

According to the State the accused drove around Balfour and surrounding areas where they also recruited several other unsuspecting under aged girls to be used as prostitutes against their will.

They all came to the house under the false pretence of being invited for a visit, but once they were there, they were allegedly locked-up and prepared for working as prostitutes. They were only paid in drugs and food and their alleged sex masters took all their earnings.

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