IOL ranks among top five most-read news websites in South Africa

IOL part of top five most read news website in SA.

IOL part of top five most read news website in SA.

Published Apr 15, 2024


News website IOL has seen significant growth after being listed as one of the most-read online news websites in South Africa.

The announcement comes after the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), South Africa’s measurement dashboard, listed IOL among the top 10 online publishers and top 10 online publications in the country.

IOL earned the number five spot on both lists — with 28,318,829 monthly pageviews.

According to the numbers, the news website has not dropped or increased its numbers as the figures show that it has remained stable in its viewership.

According to IAB, March pageviews have gone up across publishers, except for sports media, with DStv Online Sport dropping to 29,230,878 pageviews.

The media company reported online publications such as SuperSport also dropped to 29,230,878 pageviews while SNL24 dropped nearly 6,000,000 pageviews to 21,012,823 from February this year.

After SNL2, another publication trailing behind IOL was Citizen with a significant grown which saw the news website hitting. 17,978,624 pageviews.

Meanwhile, Business Tech had a slight drop after getting at least 15,154,725 pageviews.

Another publication which saw an increase was Daily Maverick with 11,781,469 pageviews and followed by The South African which was sitting at 10,929,706 pageviews.

The top two positions went to News24 and Netwerk24 respectively.

News24 is sitting at 152,179,176 and its sister publication is on 106,053,310 pageviews.