The National Lottery Operator ITHUBA has announced that daily games PICK 3 and RAPIDO will be decommissioned from Friday, 15 March 2019. This simply means that players will not be able to play these games as they will officially be removed from the South African National Lottery portfolio.

Commenting on why the games are being cancelled, ITHUBA says that this is in response to players’ feedback. 

“The National Lottery players are of vital importance to us and as such, we really take the time to understand what motivates our players to participate in National Lottery games. Following extensive market research, our players are looking for a daily game that is more compelling and provides more opportunities to win. It is for this reason that we removed PICK 3 and RAPIDO and have launched the exciting DAILY LOTTO game," said Khensani Mabuza, Corporate Relations Executive at ITHUBA.

The recently launched DAILY LOTTO promises to offer estimated daily jackpots between R100 000 and R250 000 which do not roll over but rather roll down to the next prize Division, guaranteeing winners daily. Just a few days after the launch, the DAILY LOTTO had its first jackpot winner who won R215 993 on Tuesday 12 March.

ITHUBA says that this jackpot win is very encouraging and is proof that the DAILY LOTTO has sparked great interest among players.

“It is our responsibility as the National Lottery Operator to keep enhancing games, whilst ensuring that we provide an exciting, reinvigorated and progressive game portfolio," said Mabuza.

ITHUBA has assured the public that players that have won from both PICK 3 and RAPIDO will still be eligible to claim their winnings within 365 days after the applicable draw dates, even after the decommissioning date. Daily draws for PICK 3 will continue up to 20 March 2019 for all players that purchased tickets for future draws.