Kotze’s co-accused deny rape

By Time of article published Nov 23, 2012

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Pretoria - Alleged “Modimolle Monster” Johan Kotze's three co-accused could not have raped his former wife Ina Bonette, the High Court in Pretoria heard on Friday.

Counsel for Pieta Mohlane and Frans Mphaka put it to Bonette that the three could not get erections.

The pair, along with Kotze and Andries Sithole, are accused of murdering Bonette's 19-year-old son Conrad and kidnapping, repeatedly raping, assaulting and attempting to murder Bonette.

Bonette testified that Kotze had tortured her with various objects and sawed or cut off both her nipples while the other three looked on. She testified that all they then took turns to rape her.

Francois van As, for Mohlane and Mphaka, put it to Bonette that his clients had only witnessed Kotze slapping her, but never saw any blood.

Jan van Rooyen, for Sithole, earlier put it to Bonette that no male DNA could be found in any samples taken from Bonette, or at the scene.

Kotze's three co-accused had said he threatened to kill them if they did not co-operate. It was the version of all three that they had not raped Bonette because they could not get erections. Bonette said all three of them definitely raped her. She conceded that none of the accused assaulted her and that one of them had looked frightened.

Bonette said Sithole played a more prominent role and was the first to rape her.

Van As said Mohlane and Mphaka would testify that they at first refused to take part when Kotze told them they should rape his wife. Kotze had threatened them with a revolver, and told them they would not get out of there alive if they did not co-operate.

Van As said his clients wanted to go to the police afterwards, but Sithole told them Kotze was “with the police” and it would not help.

He put it to Bonette that she had begged the three men for help with her eyes when Kotze left the room for a few minutes, because she realised they were also not comfortable in the situation. She was unable to speak because Kotze had taped her mouth shut.

The trial continues. - Sapa

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