Sammy Morake Morote posted pictures of himself on social media with a car, rifle and piles of money before he was arrested.

Pretoria - The man who calls himself a “Team Volt SA” member who shocked social media users when he advised women not to order expensive alcohol beverages while having their periods has been arrested by the SAPS.

The man, identified as Sammy Morake Morote, from Atteridgeville, posted a video commenting on the shooting of 26-year-old Sophie Ledwaba outside the Ayepyep Lifestyle Lounge nightclub in Sunnyside on August 19.

In the video, which lasts over three minutes, Morote said he did not blame the shooter if Ledwaba accepted alcohol knowing she had no intention of sleeping with him.

He said: “Hi South African ladies: our black sisters o ka se nwe Verve hao fetsa o batla ho robala ko heno ae khonahale. O nwa byang Verve o le mo di period? Kgopela ge o le ko di period, o bolele re go rekele dilo tsa batho ba leng ko di period, bo cranberry juice.”

(You can’t drink Verve and then want to sleep at home it’s not possible. How do you drink Verve while on your periods? Please inform us when you are on your periods so we can buy you what people on periods drink which is cranberry juice {sic}.)

In the video, he added: “Ge o le mo di period don’t drink Verve or Henessy you don’t qualify naganelang ma auti.” (When you’re on your periods don’t drink Verve or Henessy you don’t qualify please think of men.)

He went on to say that although the man who shot Ledwaba was not a member of Team Volt SA they did not blame him as he did what satisfied him.

Sammy Morake Morote posted pictures of himself on social media with a car, rifle and piles of money before he was arrested.

He added that although they often paid bills which ran into and beyond R40 000 a night, anyone who took advantage of them should not be surprised to get four bullets.

He was arrested by SAPS members during a midnight raid on his home on Monday night, when police recovered a Z88 pistol.

Morote had gone on social media, as he has been known to, to boast about his rifle and stacks of money.

He appeared briefly in the Atteridgeville Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, where his bail application was turned down after it was revealed he had other pending charges against him.

Morote was said to have 12 pending charges, seven of which had been withdrawn, some ranging from murder to carjacking and robbery.

Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula on Wednesday took to social media and applauded the SAPS for apprehending the man.

Mbalula said: “We will continue to hunt criminals and smoke them out of their hiding holes.

“Their time is up and we can no longer watch as they terrorise our communities.”

“I salute our police officers for arresting a suspected criminal with so many cases pending against him. My message to all criminals is that we are coming for you our people can’t continue to live in fear.”

Mbalula said the police were working on making further arrests in the cases Morote was linked to.

Morote’s appearance was postponed to September 19.

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