Mayor Mashaba unveils the newly upgraded Roosevelt Park Substation. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba on Friday launched the newly upgraded Roosevelt Park substation, marking the completion of the highly anticipated three-year project.

"The upgrade of this substation is very important, not only to these affected residents, but also to the entire City of Johannesburg’s electrical network," said Mashaba.

The substation had been undergoing significant upgrades by City Power to the tune of R133 million.

Mashaba said the equipment at this substation, like many others across the city, was 65 years old. Refurbishments had not been undertaken in over 25 years.

The Roosevelt Park Substation upgrade included two new 88kv lines feeding from the Delta Substation, providing greater redundancy and stability for the network for the next 40 years.

Four 45MVA transformers, a state-of-the-art control plant, three new feeder boards, and a standby board were installed to the substation.

The new feeder boards also enable City Power to connect new customers to the substation without putting pressure on the electricity network.

The mayor was joined by MMC for environment and infrastructure services Nico de Jager and City Power management.

African News Agency (ANA)