Johannesburg - A Soweto mother has apologised for leaving her baby at home while she went drinking, The New Age reported on Thursday.

The 28-year-old woman was released from custody on Monday after being arrested for child neglect.

Her boyfriend, who called the police, later dropped the charges.

She told the paper she was “sorry” for her lapse.

The boyfriend found her drunk in a tavern on Sunday while their four-month-old baby was alone at home in Zola, the daily reported.

“The only reason I left the baby was because I was feeling depressed and alone,” she was quoted as saying.

“Ever since the baby was born my boyfriend does not care about me, alcohol helps me forget my problems.

“I did not want a child. The only reason I had a child was because my boyfriend asked me for a child. Now that I am fat, I am no longer good enough for him.” - Sapa