Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena
Cape Town - Rapper and television presenter Nomuzi Mabena has finally come clean about the video which has caused so much consternation on social media. 

On Friday afternoon she tweeted that  the video, which shows her being involved in a car crash while doing a live Instagram update, was actually an awareness campaign for Volkswagen and Drive Dry.

In the video, Moozlie can be seen making an appeal for aspiring artists to sign with her label. The live feed lurches and the car windscreen can be seen shattering before the feed is abruptly cut.

After the initial shock, social media users spent most of Friday morning speculating whether the video was a publicity stunt to rev up the rapper's career or whether it was an awareness campaign.

Shortly before Moozlie finally fessed up, the Road Traffic Management Corporation distanced itself from the video.