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Pretoria - An unusual urgent application served before the Gauteng High Court this week,in which a Lyttelton Manor resident, who said he is was known as the “anointed one” among Jehovah’s Witnesses, asked the court to officially swear him in as the worldwide leader of the organisation.

Ernest Gericke, in papers before the court, told Judge Bill Prinsloo that the “first business of the Christ is the legal establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth, known as the Jehovah’s Kingdom.”

Gericke said this involved the the conducting of a covenant for a kingdom, which is to take place on April 11.

“In order to effect the legal requirements for the kingdom this honourable court is requested to hear the public oath of the office of the King.

“The court is therefore requested to call the plaintiff (himself) to the stand to make his public oath of office before witnesses.”

Gericke said the members of the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses would on April 11 be presented “with an oath to the King and upon them publically expressing that oath, they will become citizens of the kingdom. The kingdom will then be established.”

He in effect asked that the court order that he be named “as the rightful leader” of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, so that he could start executing his duties.

Gericke Geriche said the matter was extremely urgent, because the date of the memorial of Jesus’s death is was this year on April 11 and he had to be officially appointed by then. He said he did not expect the application to be opposed, “because the governing body is aware of the scripture in Ezekiel” which made provision for this.

He said the governing body has had seven members, all of whom were “anointed ones”. He wanted the court to also make provision so that the help of the police could be called in if any of the members of the organisation disregarded the court order that he be appointed as leader.

GerickeGeriche said the head office of the governing body was in New York, but he wanted this changed, to reflect that the South African branch in Krugersdorp is declared as the new temporary headquarters of the organisation.

He wanted the court to order the South African branch committee to immediately make living and office arrangements for him and some other members and that all members of the organisation worldwide had to from now report to the South African branch committee.

Gericke Geriche, among a long list of requests, also asked for an order that those who resisted or contravened the court’s order, had to be arrested.

Judge Bill Prinsloo, after considering the application, removed it from the roll as it did not meet the legal requirements for an urgent application.

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