Johannesburg - A Primedia Broadcasting executive who was under investigation for gross misconduct has resigned, the company confirmed on Tuesday.

This comes shortly after Primedia announced it had placed the senior executive on "special leave" while it investigated allegations levelled against the individual. 

According to reports, 15 people reportedly came forward with allegations of harassment against the official, who has not yet been officially named.

"Primedia Broadcasting is investigating allegations of gross misconduct against an executive in the Primedia Broadcasting division," the company said at the time.

"On becoming aware of the allegations, we immediately initiated an investigation into the matter, that is being led by an external expert. We are also providing ongoing support to the affected individuals and broader staff.

Primedia further said: "While at an early stage of the investigation, we are very concerned at what has been alleged, and have therefore placed the individual on special leave pending the outcome of the investigation. We cannot prejudge the outcome of the investigation, but we have taken swift action to ensure that it is managed quickly and decisively."

On Tuesday, the company confirmed the resignation of the executive but denied the allegations were raised last year.

Last Tuesday, February 13, three complaints were received from staff members regarding a senior executive’s inappropriate behaviour at a staff function. Contrary to the reports on social media, this was the first time such allegations were raised - the claim that the complaint was raised a year ago is completely untrue. 

"On becoming aware of the allegations, we immediately initiated an investigation into the matter, led by external legal counsel. The external expert concluded its investigation on Monday February, 19. The charges were presented to the executive in question on the same day, and he resigned shortly thereafter."

The company added that it "acted quickly and decisively in dealing with this matter" and said it would "continue to render all support required to our staff".