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Johannesburg - Joburg waitress Benadett Baleni’s prayers were answered this week.

 The 38-year-old, who works at Maxi’s restaurant at the Northgate shopping mall, was left shocked on Tuesday when a customer left her a R1 000 tip.

The patron, who is unknown, paid his bill of R17.80 for coffee … and then handed Baleni a R1 000 tip before leaving the restaurant.

Before this he had asked her whether she believed in God.

She answered with a resounding “yes”.

“He asked me that when I pray, do I feel my prayers are sometimes not answered.”

“I told him yes, I used to believe that; however now that I am a Christian, I know that God will answer my prayers when the time is right.”

The customer then told Baleni her prayers had been answered and handed the stunned waitress R1 000 in notes.

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