Joe Moyo, managing director of ridesharing platform Afri Ride. Photo: Supplied
Joe Moyo, managing director of ridesharing platform Afri Ride. Photo: Supplied

Ridesharing app eases traceability in Covid-19 era, says founder

By Jonisayi Maromo Time of article published Mar 18, 2020

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Pretoria – As many people shun travelling, especially in public transport amid the deadly outbreak of Covid-19, ridesharing platform Afri Ride has said that there are ways to trace those who may possibly be infected and to minimise the possibility of infection. 

Afri Ride founder and managing director Joe Moyo said it was paramount for the commuting public to practice the hygiene guidelines released by the World Health Organisation. 

“While ridesharing apps offer ease of traceability and keep account of traveller records, they do not eradicate risks. 

"We need all hands on deck and to be our brother’s keepers. Let’s go beyond panicking and become activists in educating and monitoring those in our circles about the importance of good hygiene,” said Moyo.

To minimise transmission of Covid-19 between drivers and commuters, Moyo recommended that passengers wash their hands before and after using public and private transport, while drivers should frequently clean and disinfect surfaces touched by commuters, particularly handles and doors. 

“Public announcements and posters should be utilised to remind commuters of the WHO health precautions. Drivers and commuters should catch sneezes and coughs in their elbows or in a tissue or handkerchief,” said Moyo.

“If a driver or commuter suspects they may be sick or has been exposed to someone with coronavirus, self-isolate and seek medical help.” 

He said winning against Covid-19 in the transport sector required a collective and conscious effort.

“People are being forced to minimise human contact as much as possible, but this is not always feasible especially for sectors like transportation. The scary part about a daily commute is that often, you are forced to travel with random strangers." 

Afri Ride was launched in South Africa last year. It is a platform for users to upload their travel details such as the start and end location of their journey, travel date, and the number of empty seats that are available. 

This then allows travellers heading in the same direction to book the remaining seats in a private car. The app offers a “Women Only Option", a feature tailor-made to bring peace of mind to the women in the ridesharing community, according to Moyo. 

As of Wednesday, the number of people with Covid-19 in South Africa had risen to 116 from 85 overnight, with several more instances of local transmission, the government said. 

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