Soweto man’s Spiderman cake save meme goes viral with 1.5m likes on Twitter

Published Aug 27, 2021


Lungile Sojini

Soweto resident Kabelo Boshielo has received more than one million Twitter likes for his Spiderman meme. The meme shows a Spiderman figure sitting on a damaged cake, his hands against the wall. But, it is the ironic caption which reads: ‘Thank you Spiderman for saving my son’s cake’ , that had social media users talking.

Local twitterati engaged with Boshielo’s meme by liking and retweeting it. The meme soon went international as Twitter users from the United States of America began reacting as well.

Some of the tweets from fans:

— 🍷THE GYAL (@TheGyal_) August 26, 2021

— Ⓣⓢⓗⓔⓟⓘ_⁰¹¹ (@smith_tshepi) August 26, 2021

The meme’s popularity was mostly due to the hype around the new Spiderman trailer released this week. Titled Spiderman: No Way Home, the movie is set for a December 3 release.

Shocked and overwhelmed by the massive response to his meme, Boshielo said he originally saw the picture of the damaged Spider-Man-themed cake on Facebook.

Since the picture had no caption, Boshielo thought a humorous caption would resonate with his 20 000 followers on Twitter. However, he says he was not expecting the meme to go viral.

‘Looking at the picture, I just thought Spider-Man is a hero. He’s saving the cake from falling,’ Boshielo says. ‘I liked the picture first, and I decided to share it. I believed people would like it but I never thought it would trend. I never thought it would go viral.’

But this is not the first time Boshielo has gone viral. In May he trended on Twitter after going on a much talked about date with socialite Brown Mbombo.

His recent viral tweet has seen him again dominating Twitter trends, with users congratulating him on the milestone.

Boshielo credits Black Twitter for receiving such engagement on social media.

‘I feel the love from Black Twitter for appreciating me,’ he said, adding that it was rare for people to celebrate other people’s success.

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