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Johannesburg - The High Court sitting at the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court on Thursday, heard how a Soweto school scholar patroller, Johannas Molefe, allegedly sexually assaulted two small schoolgirls on the school premises.

State Prosecutor Jacki Steyn called a grade two pupil to the stand.

She was in grade one when she was violated at the school. The young girl told the court that the accused whom she referred to as Mkhulu (uncle) touched her inappropriately.

"We were having lunch during break then Mkhulu called me while my friends were eating and I went to him. Then Mkhulu touched my private part,"  said the girl, whose identity has been protected.

Molefe's trial began on Wednesday. The accused is facing three counts of rape and 11 of sexual assault, which he allegedly committed in 2017.

He has been in custody since October last year.

The girl told the court that Molefe touched her in what she described as a bad way, by touching her bum before moving his hands forward.

"I don't like him because he touched me in a bad way with his hands." 

The seven-year-old said that Molefe put his hands under her school dress, she then demonstrated to the court by putting her hand in between her legs.

"I told him to leave me alone and he left me. Then I went to my teacher immediately after and told her that Mkhulu touched me at the front and at the back. My teacher said to me that he must stop what he is doing. I went back to Mkhulu and told him that my teacher said he must stop what he's doing and he said okay."

The seven-year-old later told the court that she was told by her teacher not to tell her mother about what Molefe had done.

The defence, Lumka Xoxo, told the girl that Molefe was denying everything she was saying because there were vendors around.

"Okay," the girl responded.

Later, Steyn called the next witness, an eight-year-old grade two pupil, who told the court that she was with her friends when Molefe touched her bum and her breasts.

The eight-year-old told the court that Molefe sent her to fetch him food before he assaulted her.

The girl became emotional when she was asked more questions about what Molefe did to her.

Matter postponed to 19 November. Molefe remains in custody.

African News Agency (ANA)