Johannesburg - Professor Basie von Solms, Director of the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for Cyber Security, has been invited by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to join their Global Future Council on Cybersecurity.

The WEF’s Global Future Council on Cybersecurity is the newest of the WEF’s Global Future Councils covering 38 topical areas committed to reshaping global systems for the benefit of humanity and the planet and acting as a brain trust for the World Economic Forum and world at large. 

The Global Future Council on Cybersecurity is an invitation-only community consisting of 19 leading international cybersecurity experts. According to the WEF, the Global Future Council on Cybersecurity will draw a comprehensive picture of the implications and impacts of cyber risk amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution, describe how cybersecurity can serve as a key element of executive decision-making, and provide expert input to the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity.

Prof von Solms will attend the annual meeting of Global Future Council on Cybersecurity taking place in Dubai in November where preparations will start for the cybersecurity agenda of the WEF’s 2019 meeting in Davos, Switzerland.  

After the meeting, Prof von Solms will then visit the WEF’s own Centre for Cybersecurity in Genève, Switzerland.