Cars overturned and roofs were blown off in parts of Krugersdorp. Picture: Twitter

Johannesburg - Residents from Zandspruit and Honeydew were left to salvage what was left of their home after the huge gusty windstorms hit the Gauteng region on Monday afternoon. 

Zandspruit resident, Gloria Masego Monchonyane (CORR) told The Star that she was not at home when the heavy rains hit the area, but was told by her son that their home had a tree on top of it. 

“My son called me and told me, saying Mommy, I can't go inside the house, the door is stuck and I can't go in. The water was running everywhere,” said Monchonyane. 

She said that when she arrived she saw that her home was in a mess. She told The Star that she has not had time to sleep because the tree had to be cut in pieces and the roof repaired. 

“I am stressed. Even with the money I am earning, I can't do nothing with it because I must buy new materials and a senior mattress because it's wet,” she said.

Mochonyane's said she would appreciate assistance from anyone willing to help with blankets and clothes especially with the uncertainty of the rain in the country. 

Meanwhile, social media was abuzz when images surfaced of The Wedge Complex in Honeydew. A BMW vehicle was destroyed by the structure following the storm and the roof tiles were shattered on the ground.

The Star team when to the premises and found a number of families stuck outside their homes. 

Resident, who asked to remain anonymous said his family had be lucky to ask for accommodation from family around the area.  He said his home no longer had a roof. 

The owners of the complex told the resident that evaluators were going to be on site to inspect the damage caused after the storm. 

“They have said, evaluators are going to be evaluating what the loss be. They are trying to make provisions for people on how to maybe, reimburse them,” he said. 

“We are still waiting for to tell us what they are going to do,” he added. 

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