WATCH: Brawlers turn Kyalami Estate street into a 'war zone'

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jan 14, 2020

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An old viral video entitled “Hugo, bel die polisie” went viral on social media last year 

The video, which was more than a year old last year, showed a fight between a local family in Pretoria North. 

This time around, the normally quiet Kyalami Estate turned into a 'war zone' on Sunday afternoon when almost a dozen people –  residents and people driving through the area – ended up throwing fists.

It seems two separate BMW drivers sparked the fight, as both cars are pulled up in the cul-de-sac with their doors open before one of the men apparently drew a sword from a holster.

“He’s got a knife. He is stabbing him with a knife. Look at this,” a woman can be heard saying.

The two men fall to the ground while they exchange blows with their fists.

Bystanders try to break up the fight.

“Break it up, break it up, break it up,” a man shouts.

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