Screengrab from video
Thirty years ago today Barend Hendrik Strydom carried out a meticulously planned massacre of black people in Strijdom Square, Pretoria. He shot dead seven people and wounded more than a dozen others. Strydom was just 21 years old.

In this video, filmed years after the horrific event and uploaded to YouTube in 2014, Strydom - who describes himself as "a Boer freedom fighter" is seen smiling broadly as he recounts the mass shooting.

During a walk-through of the square now known as, which was a popular lunchtime haunt for office workers, Strydom tells of coming across a man eating a hamburger. "He was eating a hamburger and he didn't thought I would actually shot him. So he smiled at me. And so I shot him afterwards in the stomach," a calm Strydom reminisces. 

The pair happened to stumble upon a black couple sharing an intimate moment while sitting on a bench and the interviewer asks Strydom if he wants to shoot them. A laughing Strydom replies: "No ... and other times, yes."

At one point, an Afrikaans-speaking man comes up to Strydom and the interviewer and proudly shakes the killer's hand. Strydom explains that the man is a fan. The man then repeats his congratulations in English and expresses admiration that Strydom "had the guts to do it".

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Later in the video, one of his victims recalls that the "Wit Wolf" was smiling when he shot him. 

Strydom, who served just four years behind bars for his crimes, can't seem to keep a straight face. He laughs and giggles while dispassionately speaking about his victims.

The interviewer appears to run out of patience with the smiling killer, and remarks "Barend, this isn't a funny matter at all. You're a murderer. It's not a funny matter. It's not something to laugh about surely."