Screengrab: @PigSpotter/Twitter

Johannesburg - A video circulating on Twitter has shown a taxi driving in the emergency lane preventing an ambulance from passing.

The 35-second long clip, recorded at an undisclosed location in Gauteng, shows the ambulance driving behind the taxi with its siren on, hooting and signalling to the taxi to make way.

However, the taxi continues to drive faster almost as if it is racing with the emergency vehicle.

It is said the ambulance vehicle was on its way to a crash scene and the video was taken from inside the ambulance by a passenger.

The video was reposted by @PigSpotter and people vented and expressed their anger at the taxi driver.

Inconsiderate taxi blocking the emergency lane whilst an ambulance is trying to get past to get to the crash scene. Video taken from inside the ambulance, by the passenger.

@virezh wrote: “Herman Mashaba what if this was your family member waiting for this ambulance on the side of the road. Will you still allow it?”

On the other hand @quirkieee said nothing will happen to the taxi driver. 

"Video evidence unfortunately does not mean a thing to current police force unless it’s an easy find and win.”

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