Johannesburg - A  young woman has been hailed for her bravery after a video of her fighting off armed men trying to rob her in the middle of an empty street circulated on social media.

The woman, said to be a student from the University of Johannesburg, was walking in an Auckland Park street when a black car stopped.

The video revealed two men tripping the student to the ground and trying to grab her handbag. While she was on the ground struggling to get back her belongings and being dragged on the tar road, another car passed the scene without offering assistance to the afflicted woman.

The men continued dragging her on the street towards the car but eventually gave up, after they realised that she would not give in.

Many people on social media commended the woman for her bravery with Rato KasiSoul Maloba saying: "She probably noticed that the gun was empty or a toy... That's the only logic explanation of her bravery to hold on to her bag vs her life..."

Tamerin Jardine said: "I don't blame that woman for holding on! Many people either have flight or fight!! She has fight!! What's so sad is the person driving past! I would sit on my hooter in a position to drive away if need be because I'm a female calling the police! The noise would make them get out of there because of the attention brought to them!!"

Carlos Lucky Carlos said she was strong and brave, while Vicki Gagiano said: "Poor poor woman!!!!!! Makes me viciously angry!"

Kabelo Moseki was more concerned that the driver of a car that approached witnessed what was going on but just drove on without coming to the woman's assistance.

"Sorry but the other car just Drives by or they (sic) together? What happened to Ubuntu?"

Police confirmed that the three men managed to get away with the student’s laptop but were later arrested soon in the Brixton area.

It was found that the gun they had used was a toy one. 

The car they were travelling in was also seized.

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