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Johannesburg - The charge of assault against celeb activist, Shaka Sisulu, has been dropped by the mother of his child. 

This was revealed this afternoon at the Randburg Magistrate's court, where Sisulu was meant to appear after being charged with assault last month by Lerato Sedi. 

In an interview last month, Sedi said the assault occurred after texting Sisulu asking him to send maintenance money for their three-year-old son. 

He allegedly asked her to come to his home the following morning, where the request escalated into a large argument.

“I went to his home and he asked that we speak outside on his patio. When I explained to him what the money I keep asking for every month was for, he told me that I chose friends over my financial security,” she reportedly said at the time. 

As the fight intensified, Sisulu apparently slammed a door on her arm, which was when she decided to open up the charge of assault. 

At the time, Sisulu denied the attack, telling the Saturday Star: “I can confirm that indeed she came to my house for a meeting last Thursday morning. We could not reach an agreement and this clearly upset her. I deny the allegations of any kind of assault and am baffled as to how our disagreement on a maintenance issue suddenly turned into an assault claim.”

“My family has since insisted on mediation on this maintenance difference and as we both clearly care a lot about the best interest of our child we have agreed that we shall take this up,” Sisulu said.

On Tuesday the Randburg court heard that the pair had been in a mediation session, and that Sedi had chosen to withdraw the charge against him. 

Prior to proceedings, the pair sat together outside the courtroom, happily chatting and reading something on Sisulu's cellular phone. 

After proceedings, the pair chose not to speak with the Saturday Star, saying that a written statement would be sent out this afternoon. 

In the statement, sent through Sisulu's lawyer, Kagisho Setati, Sedi said: "After much reflection, I have decided to withdraw the charge against Shaka Sisulu.  It was a misunderstanding and it is in the best interest of my marriage that we put this matter behind us.  It was never Shaka’s intention to cause me any physical harm.”

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