Naked woman at Nelson Mandelal Square, Sandton. 290714 Picture: Twitter

Johannesburg - Who’s that girl? Social media was abuzz on Tuesday with people trying to find the identity of a woman who stripped naked at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton on Monday afternoon and caressed the Madiba statue.

According to bystanders, the woman walked around the square, took off her pink dress, white bra and pink G-string panties, then proceeded to embrace the statue, leading to bystanders taking pictures and posting them on social media.

A waitress from Bagliso restaurant said the woman had caused a frenzy, leading to some of the male waiters getting their orders wrong and a male customer getting hit on the head by his wife for getting up to take a closer look.

Waiters on duty commented on the act.

Angel* said the woman was an embarrassment to African women. “I was disgusted actually. A woman’s body is God’s temple. She should not just go and strip for the public, she should do things like that for her man. She had a flat ass for a African woman.”

Bagliso chef Khotso Tladi shared the same sentiments. “She didn’t have a nice body, everything was saggy and she had hair. Afroman was better.”

Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square regional marketing manager Megan Meas said the management was aware of the incident. “This was an unauthorised incident conducted by a private citizen in her personal capacity on our property,” she said.

Meas said that at about 4pm on Monday a woman had arrived on the square, observed the statue for a few minutes and saluted it. She then proceeded to undress and moved closer to the statue.

Meas said the security guard had immediately requested that she put on her clothes, which she did. But she refused to answer any questions and left at about 4.17pm.

She said the woman was not apprehended and they did not know her whereabouts.

* Not her real name

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