Picture: Pexels

Johannesburg - A woman has been arrested for suspected child abduction in Johannesburg after she was found with a newborn inside a carrier packet, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department(JMPD) said on Thursday.

The arrest took place at the corner of Simmonds and Lilian Ngoye streets. 

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said the woman was found on Thursday at about 6:30pm with an infant inside a bag that contains onions and tomatoes claiming that she gave birth on the street.

"The newborn baby was heard crying from a carrier underneath tomatoes and packets of onions by members of the public and alerted JMPD," said Minnaar.

"JMPD found a baby with umbilical cord inside the woman's carrier bag. She first said she gave birth on Wednesday but the hospital confirmed that she never gave birth."

African News Agency/ANA