Goslings way off-course

By Barbara Cole Time of article published Aug 27, 2003

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When Independent Newspapers photographer Terry Haywood spotted a gaggle of baby geese in the middle of the road in Greyville on Tuesday, he stopped his car for a quick gander.

While their parents had already sought the safety of the pavement in Mitchell Crescent, the babies were battling to join them.

"Cars were coming around the corner at a hell of a rate of knots and they could have been killed," says Haywood. "And so could I..." he adds.

The bird-lover gently lifted the little Egyptian geese on to the pavement to safety.

Only then did the dedicated photographer whip out his camera.

By now, fellow photographer, Peter Duffy, had joined the flock of fascinated bird-watchers, and while Haywood continued on his way, Duffy helped return the feathered family back to their home at the nearby Royal Golf Club.

"They were really off-course," says Duffy.

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