Hollywood stars Jared Leto and Scarlett Johansson made heads turn when they twice had breakfast at a trendy city restaurant.

The pair were seen having breakfast at Camps Bay restaurant Cafe No 16 on the Camps Bay Promenade on Victoria Road over the weekend.

Roxy Dyssell, who works at another restaurant in Camps Bay, spotted the duo at 11am on Sunday. Both were wearing big sunglasses while having a "massive brunch" on the balcony.

"They were sitting on the balcony at the Promenade and they seemed really laid back. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. They stayed for at least an hour and they were talking all the time," Dyssell said.

Although it is not known whether Leto, who is in town to shoot the movie Lord Of War, and Johansson are an item, they were reportedly seen "canoodling" in an exclusive London nightclub in August while Johansson was acting in a Woody Allen movie.

She apparently invited the actor to her "unbirthday party" where, it is reported, they appeared to be close.

There were also rumours of romance between the two when they were seen having drinks at a Los Angeles hotel.

"No one was harassing them or anything but they were signing fans' autographs," Dyssel said. "I asked Scarlett for her autograph and she gave it to me with a big smile. I didn't ask Jared for his autograph though. I was too embarrassed because he is too hot."