Hundreds of people anxiously waited outside the Temba circuit court on Tuesday to hear what lay ahead for William Kekana.

There was a round of applause for Judge Monica Leeuw when she left the premises and a sense of relief from members of the public after they heard that Kekana had been given six life sentences.

Many of those who had gathered at the court to see the man they feared being driven off to jail for good were at last willing to talk to the media.

Dorcus Mpedi said: "I am relieved and happy that Kekana has been removed from society. He seems to be proud of his deeds and so he deserves all that is coming to him."

Mpedi, who was joined by her friends, shouted with joy as they left the court after hearing Kekana's sentence. Many elderly women expressed sympathy for the Kekana family, saying that no parents should go through what they have over the past year.

Much sympathy was also expressed for the Rawstone family, who lost Baby Kayla, Hester and mother Janine Drennen. There was much praise for the surviving victim, who was shot and raped but lived to tell the tale.

Lebo Magora said: "I feel sorry for (Kekana's) parents; what their son has put them through is nothing but pain over the last year. Kekana is a ruthless killer who has no respect for his parents, women and for the people of his country."

Some parents who were there with their teenage sons told the youngsters to ensure they did not follow in his footsteps. What he had done and what had happened to him as a result should be a lesson to them.

Daniel Kgomo said: "This has to be a lesson learnt. This is the perfect example of how crime does not pay and that the law does catch up with one at some stage."

"Kekana ran out of court in chains after his sentencing, showing how much of a coward he really is."

The public was appalled at a statement which was made by Kekana when he took the stand on Tuesday when he asked for forgiveness from the Rawstone family saying that "they were forgiven for their sins in the apartheid era, so they too should forgive me for my mistakes".

"How can he even bring it into the picture? Apartheid has got nothing to do with his actions."

"He knows nothing about apartheid and should not have used it as an excuse as to why he and his friend killed the white victims. The reason is simple. They not only raped and killed the white people, but also kidnapped, raped and attempted to kill a young black girl," said Portia Molewa.

Victor Moloi also found the apartheid statement to be ludicrous and contradictory.

Moloi said: "Be it white or black, Kekana killed ruthlessly and that has got nothing to do with apartheid. He contradicts himself each time he takes the stand. He is a liar, a murderer, a rapist and should not be allowed back into society."