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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Andile Mpisane airs family's dirty laundry



Published Aug 18, 2019


A tit-for-tat battle between Durban’s Mpisane family has spilled into the public arena.

Andile Mpisane on Thursday accused his businessman father Sbu Mpisane of lying, cheating, slandering and gossiping.

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Triggered by the ownership dispute of the Royal Eagles Football Club, which is owned by his parents who are going through a divorce, the 18-year-old took to Instagram to air the family’s dirty laundry.

In his post, Andile praised his mother Shauwn Mpisane for her resilience under trying times, her support for his passion, and dedication to her business empire. He said letting the club go to his father, a man who had ill-treated and used his mother, a man who had failed at leading his own household, was a “bitter” feeling.

“She dove in head first and wholeheartedly into the world of football. Walked the corridors of football with confidence Because to her, it wasn’t just another accessory to show off, she respected the processes that goes into running a club. Especially with her aim to build a legacy for me when I came of age,” read the post.

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Andile accused his father of adultery, saying he had fathered four children which he was supporting with Shauwn’s money. He claimed she had handed Sbu business opportunities and joint credit on a silver platter.

“You see uMa (my mother), tried elevating her husband by setting him up with his own businesses that she would still pump money into, because yet again, she couldn’t bare his emasculation, as self inflicted as it was those have all closed since their separation, as he ran them dry.”

Speaking to the Sunday Tribune, Sbu Mpisane attributed Andile’s posting to “trauma caused by the divorce proceedings”.

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“I just want to say to him, be strong my son, when prominent and close parents separate it is not easy.”

Sbu said he was not at liberty to discuss the affairs of the club as the matter was still before the Premier Soccer League (PSL).

He said he did not wish to put anything in jeopardy as a resolution had not yet been reached.

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“I don’t want to talk much about this club because I don’t know what is happening. I am not sure if there is a team or not,” he said.

On his divorce, Sbu said it was public knowledge and that he felt Andile’s pain. He urged other couples to always put their children first when going through a divorce.

“Whatever Andile wrote is out of the pain he feels about the divorce. He is still my son and he will remain my son regardless of what he has expressed on his page, whether it was him who wrote the post or not.”

In a statement, a member of the Mpisane family claims the post was not written by Andile.

“As someone who knows you very well you definitely don’t possess those literary skills and your level of intellect and comprehension is by far incommensurate to this article. Someone is definitely behind this set up,” read the statement. “By natural arrangement you are and will forever remain your father’s son.”

The family member stated that Andile was obliged to accord his

father respect, therefore, he could not “talk about your father’s personal matters in public worse in such a disparaging fashion”.

In an attempt to set the record straight, the family member said

Sbu was the rightful owner of the football club and that Andile’s claim of having to let the club go did not hold any water.

“It’s falsification of facts to mislead the public and claim ownership. I challenge you to provide evidence in that regard and let its validity be scrutinsed. It’s whispered in the corridors of power that you and your mother have illegally tempered with the ownership of the club and thus committing fraud.”

On Friday, the PSL announced a postponement of a Royal Eagles fixture against Mbombela United which had been set for this afternoon.

“Legal issues that have arisen are confidential and save for apologising for any inconvenience caused to those who may be affected. The league will not comment further on these matters,” the PSL said.

Shauwn’s personal assistant said she was unable to comment but would do so at an appropriate time.

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