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Mashishing, KwaZulu-Natal - The carcasses of the 24 cattle killed by lightning in the Drakensberg will be left in the veld for wild animals to eat so that nature can take its course, Beeld newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Jacques Blake, of the farm Wanhoop (despair), around 45km from Mashishing, said the cattle were counted on Saturday before they went out to pasture.

They were believed to have wandered up the steep slopes of the Steenkampsberg and on a plateaux near the top, where they were struck by lightning on Saturday night.

“We experienced a terrible storm during the night and on Sunday morning I went up the mountain to make sure our animals were okay,” he said.

“That is when I came upon the dead animals. It was not a pretty sight.”

The survivors of the herd were moved.

He initially thought the cattle had been poisoned, but a vet confirmed it had been lightning.

Jackal began feeding on the carcasses overnight.

“That is why we decided to not bury the carcasses. Nature must take its course.”

He also expected rare vultures to arrive for a feed.