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Durban - A video of an Indian man violently beating up his pregnant girlfriend in Durban has gone viral on social media, with outraged people calling for police to arrest him.

The man was with his unidentified lover when his girlfriend approached them in the street.

The girlfriend tells the man to stop lying to his lover and admit he’s going to be a father, and that he even went with her to a clinic in Phoenix to confirm the pregnancy.

The other woman says she has nothing to do with that.

The girlfriend tells the lover: “You are jolling (having an affair) with him when you are married?”

The other woman responds: “Yes, I’m jolling with him.”

The girlfriend says: “Your husband knows you’re jolling with him?”

“Yes, he knows.”

The girlfriend: “And he’s happy with that?”

“Yes, he’s happy with that.”

The man tells her to stop attacking the other woman, but she says she’s not angry, and why must she attack the woman “over something like this, look at you”, gesturing scornfully at him.

The girlfriend pushes the man to answer her questions over whether he can support his unborn child, and also threatens to contact his place of work - a law firm - to advise their HR department.

He then flies into a fit of rage and violently punches the girlfriend in the face and upper body, while she grabs hold of his lover’s hair, refusing to let go.

The video was posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning, and drew outrage.

Arusha wrote: “This sissy hit a pregnant woman, as for the other chick, she got married in April this year and has no shame whatsoever to say that his wife being pregnant is not her problem. Ai.”

Sadiq said: “What * !sses me off is the fact that there’s guys standing and watching how this * *** hits a female regardless whether she’s pregnant or not.”

The couple cannot be identified due to the protection order.