File picture - A pit bull. Picture: Yolande du Preez

Durban - A pitbull caused havoc in Queensburgh on Monday morning when it attacked and injured a man, disrupted traffic and sent schoolchildren running and screaming.

The ordeal ended with the dog being shot dead by a resident.

The injured man, who was bitten several times, was taken to hospital. Arif Fazloodeen was taking his children to school along Stella Road when he was stuck in traffic.

“I saw a man being attacked by a pitbull; he was trying to get away but the dog kept attacking him in the middle of the road.”

A car pulled up next to the man, the door was opened and the man was told to jump in, but he could not close the door in time and the dog jumped into the car and continued attacking him.

Other people tried to beat the dog off and it finally let go of the man. But it started barking and chasing people.

“A bus had just dropped off schoolchildren, and when they saw the dog running after them, many dropped their bags on the road and ran away,” said Fazloodeen.

Police spokesman Thulani Zwane said the Malvern police were alerted to the incident by the person who shot the dog.

No case was opened. - The Mercury