Former eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede visits the grieving Gumede family at their home in uMlazi. File photo: Nqobile Mbonambi/African News Agency (ANA).
Former eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede lent her support this week to a grieving family in uMlazi, where a woman was killed allegedly by two of her close relatives.

“It is sad this brutal killing was by women and especially when we are concluding 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence.”

Zandile Hazel Gumede, 44, was stabbed a number of times at home last week Saturday.

Police arrested two women aged 14 and 21.

It is alleged the suspects asked a friend to help them cover up the crime. He, however, reported them to the police.

The women have been charged for murder and will reappear in court on Christmas Eve.

Speaking at the home of the deceased, Gumede said she heard from the family that the woman was killed because she had disciplined them.

Apparently, the suspects had left their children locked in their house that night, without supervision, while they went out partying.

“We need to unite and fight against this demon of violence. We are here to support the family,” said Gumede.

Nozibusiso Nyawose, a clinical psychologist, said: “There are many reasons that can account for the actions of the relatives. The environment that children have been raised in, can condition them to certain personalities and characteristics.

“Unresolved conflict with family members that has predisposed anger for a long time and has been unresolved can also lead to a build-up of anger that result in murder. The history that they have with their relatives is unknown and the trigger of the action is unknown”, said Nyawose.

She said young people could be impulsive in decision-making and make irrational decisions without thinking of the consequences.

“Primary factors need to be considered and the psychological and mental wellbeing such as a psychiatric condition, namely personality disorder may be a cause of the actions,” said Nyawose.

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