Fans, left to right, Gavin Vandayar with his souped-up 1977 Ford Cortina XLE, Koobeshan Moodley with his 1966 Ford Anglia and Owen Johnson with his 1970 Ford Capri. Picture: Shan Pillay

Fans of the hit TV show Top Gear are bursting with excitement as the Top Gear Festival kicks off on Saturday at Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium.

An unofficial fan page has been set up for the festival which, by yesterday, had attracted more than 5 000 likes. Many of the fans posted comments about tickets and how they could not wait for the event to take place.

Kamil Ramlaul wrote, “Can’t wait to hear the sound of an F1 car… spine-chilling”.

Another ardent fan from Pietermaritzburg, Gavin Vandayar, told The Mercury that he would have liked to have his souped-up car, a Ford Cortina XLE, 1977 model, displayed at the festival.

Vandayar said that it had taken his father, Mano Vandayar, three years to rebuild and revamp his prized beauty.

So keen was he to have his car displayed at the festival that he was still making inquiries to determine if this would be possible. He said he had watched the show for as long as he could remember.

“I am looking forward to seeing the stunts that will be performed,” he said.

His friends, Koobeshan Moodley and Owen Johnson, were equally passionate about their toys.

Moodley owns a 1966 Ford Anglia which he took six years to rebuild, while Johnson owns a 1970 Ford Capri, which took his father, Charles Johnson, with the assistance of some friends, two years to revamp. The trio bought their tickets as soon as they went on sale.