Icebolethu says sorry after failing to deliver on catering promise

Icebolethu group. Picture Supplied

Icebolethu group. Picture Supplied

Published Apr 30, 2024


The Icebolethu Funeral Service has apologized after one of their service providers failed to provide catering services at a funeral this past weekend, only providing 50 Streetwise two meals.

Icebolethu had been entrusted with the task of burying, providing catering and other services for an unnamed family.

However, what unfolded was far from the dignified affair the family had envisioned.

In the video that was trending on social media, it showed members of the grieving family anxiously waiting for the arrival of the catering service at 11am. They were supposed to provide a comforting meal for the guests after the funeral service.

The family found themselves at the centre of a funeral service mishap orchestrated by Icebolethu service providers.

With no prior communication, the family decided to reach out to them. To their dismay, the Icebolethu team arrived at 3pm with 50 KFC streetwise two meals, rolls and cool drinks, deviating from the anticipated catering arrangements.

On Monday night, the Icebolethu released a statement and apologised for the incident.

“We can confirm an internal miscommunication occurred that resulted in service breakdown. Upon realisation of the incident Icebolethu management speedily met up with the family on the same day, offered an apology and the issue was resolved amicably,” the funeral service provider said.

They said they were committed to improving on their service offering despite the mishap.

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