The Liquor Act is to be amended following a Supreme Court ruling. Picture: Archives

The KwaZulu-Natal Liquor Authority is looking to “tighten up” the legislation that governs the selling of alcohol close to schools and places of worships.

This is after the Supreme Court ruled that certain provisions did not apply to some licence holders.

The Liquor Act was promulgated in February 2014.

The organisation announced recently that the legislative authority, the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, would lead the amendment process.

The Act prevents liquor businesses from operating within 500m from a school or a place of worship and expected businesses already operating within this zone to move within three years.  

However this was overturned in court.

Last December, the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that provisions of the act which stated that stores could not be situated next to schools or places of worship do not apply to pre-existing liquor licence holders.

The entity also reported a decline in revenue between the 2015 and 2017 financial year. Chief Executive Officer of the authority Elliot Mashile said one of the reasons was that people had become more educated with the licensing process and therefore the revenue from penalties had decreased.

The authority said the review was a lengthy process that needed wide public consultation.