The Moerane Commission is dealing with political killings in KwaZulu-Natal.
Durban -  IFP leader Blessed Gwala has claimed the Moerane Commission, that was set up to investigate political murders in the province, was initially mooted exclusively to investigate the killings of ANC members.

Gwala was testifying before the Moerane Commission on Tuesday morning.

"Some people do not know this but I sit in the multiparty peace committee in the province (where the setting up of this commission was discussed last year)," he said.

The committee meets to address issues around maintaining peace and stability in the politics in the province.

The commission was set up last year by Premier Willies Mchunu to investigate political murders following several assassinations of political leaders, who were mostly affiliated to the ANC. 

"The commission was initially set up to investigate murders within the ANC. 

"We refused as opposition parties saying that the ANC could not use state resources to investigate their own matters. We told them instead they should hire their own private investigators.

"In the end they (ANC government) agreed that the commission would investigate all political murders, starting in 2011.

"But as opposition parties we failed to push the government to investigate murders before 2011. They did not want to investigate those," said Gwala.

He said it was not only the ANC that had lost leaders - many IFP leaders had been killed before 2011 and there had been no commission set up to probe those.

The Premier's spokesperson Ndabe Sibiya said, "The statement by the IFP is unfortunate and misleading. The c ommission was set up to investigate all political related killings across all political lines.

"He (the Premier) consulted with political leaders in the multi-party committee involving all political parties in KZN.  And he also interacted with those political parties represented in the legislature."

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