The Animal Anti-Cruelty League in KwaZulu-Natal will be getting a new home.

The league has acquired Artesia Farm in Hammarsdale, which gives it much-needed space and will help it to assist communities with their pets and stray animals.

The farm will include a charity shop, koi pond and tranquil gardens, which the public will be able to visit.

The league’s general manager Judie Gibson, said on Wednesday that the farm would allow the league to expand its operations after being on a cramped property in Durban North.

“We could not grow, we were restricted in the amount of animals we could house, and being in a residential area we had to consider the noise levels as well,” said Gibson.

“Getting a farm will cut down the costs and expand our operations and the advantages of having a dog pound. Now we can reach a greater number of animals in the Hammarsdale area, too.”

She pleaded for public support to fund renovations at the farm to accommodate animals and to help meet rising running costs.

“It’s the donations that sustain our monthly expenses… We urge everyone to donate anything, whether it’s building supplies or the little that they have; it will go a long way,” said Gibson.

The league works in outlying and poor areas and offers free services to people who cannot afford treatment for their animals. - Daily News