Depite the controversial New Years Eve rave at uShaka Marine World going ahead, advocacy groups say theyve made their point. File photo: Puri Devjee

Durban - The National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) is calling for the cancellation of the controversial uShaka New Year’s Eve parties, saying any entertainment in-volving captive animals was against policy.

Last week, Isobel Wentzel, the head of the NSPCA’s national wildlife unit, said she was satisfied the animals and fish were not at risk.

She said she had received assurances from management at the theme park that the planned parties would not be near the creatures, and that they would be monitored for stress.

However, on Thursday Wentzel told The Mercury the NSPCA was opposed to keeping wild animals in captivity and using them in entertainment events.

“We were discussing it with them (uShaka) and trying to get them to change their minds,” she said.

The parties made the headlines last week, when animal activists started an online petition to have them stopped. They argued that the noise levels from music on the three dance floors would stress the marine and reptile life in the park.

A petition of more than 7 000 signatures was handed in at eThekwini metro manager S’bu Sithole’s office.

Sithole, who was on leave said he had no knowledge of the events and, therefore, could not make comment.

Shawn Thompson, chief executive of uShaka, said the events would be held away from the animals, and all sound speakers were indoors which would contain the sound levels.

A meeting held yesterday between activists and Sea World officials has led to a suggested compromise, to be discussed with the organisers today.

The Mercury