File picture: Pixabay

Durban - Police have been called on to 'deal decisively with thugs' after a paraplegic man was the victim of a home invasion and robbery in Malvern, Durban, earlier this week.

The homeowner is believed to have been in his garden when five robbers attacked him and fled with some of his possessions. 

The robbers allegedly also shot at the victim’s neighbour when she came out of her home to check what the commotion was about.

“It’s absolutely deplorable that South Africans need to contend with a crime rate that’s as high as it is,” said the national director at the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities Therina Wentzel-DuToit. “However, this particular incident, where the victim is an especially vulnerable and defenceless person, leaves us shocked and saddened to the core.”

Wentzel-DuToit called on law enforcement and policymakers to tackle crime and hopes the perpetrators of this incident will be brought to book and punished.

“We all need to feel and be safe in our own homes. Persons with disabilities are particularly vulnerable and are easy pickings for criminals. We call on communities to look out for each other, and for the police and the justice system to deal decisively with thugs.”