PICS: Durban's snake man rescues 3.8m python from Inanda

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published May 11, 2020

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Durban - Well-known local snake catcher, Nick Evans, has rescued a 3.8 metre female python from Inanda, north of the city centre at the weekend. Evans hopes to have the female fattened up and healthy before she can be released.

Evans said he received a call on Saturday after a resident reported that he had seen the large reptile in the same spot for five days in a row. 

"I felt like a kid on Christmas eve," Evans said. 

However, the man called Evans later to day that the snake had disappeared. The man called the next day to say that the snake had been spotted. 

"He told me to hurry as a large crowd was gathering. Fellow snake enthusiast, Nick Saunders, and I arrived to find the python lying curled up under a bush near some water. Feeling stressed, as we stood close to it, it shot out and we managed to grab it before it slithered into the water," Evans said. 

Picture: Supplied

He said it was a beautiful specimen with light colouring. 

"Sadly, it was not in the best condition and measured 3.8m and weighed 18.3kgs. It should be heavier than that. She was quite skinny and weak. We are sure it is the same female that laid and incubated a clutch of eggs recently. It is now struggling to catch food and regain weight because they don't eat while giving birth and incubating their young," Evans said. 

Picture: Supplied

He said the snake would be taken to a safe place where she would be allowed to fatten up before being released. 


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