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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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She murdered her mom then went for ice-cream

Nicolette Lotter and Hardus Lotter appeared in the Pinetown Magistrate's Court. PICTURE: GCINA NDWALANE

Nicolette Lotter and Hardus Lotter appeared in the Pinetown Magistrate's Court. PICTURE: GCINA NDWALANE

Published Oct 24, 2011


A Durban man told his girlfriend and her brother how to kill her parents and that it was God's will they should die, according to statements made to police.

Nicolette Lotter, 29, stabbed her mother, Maria Magdelena

Lotter, 52, while her brother Hardus, now 23, strangled their father, Johannes Lotter, 53, with an electrical cord.

Afterwards Nicolette went to a shopping centre in Westville, Durban with her boyfriend Mathew Naidoo, who bought her a scoop of ice cream.

The siblings spelt out in statements handed in to the Durban High Court on Monday what happened on July 19, 2008.

Nicolette said in the statement Naidoo had told them he was the “third son of God... that he had an angel and demon in him, that he was a vessel of God through which angel and demons could speak.

“We believed Naidoo hook, line and sinker,” Nicolette said.

The State alleges the plan was to get rid of the Lotters to get a share of the inheritance and so Naidoo, who had been living in the house but had been kicked out, could return.

She said of the murders: “Things were not going according to plan since Mathew wanted us to do this by 8pm-ish. But both my parents were in the lounge - my dad was asleep on the couch next to my mom.

“I told my brother that I was going to invite my mom to the kitchen to chat over a cup of tea. I made myself and my mom a cup of tea and I sat around the kitchen table with her and we chatted.”

Her mother was supposed to be knocked out with the stun gun, and then her brother was supposed to stun her father. They were both going to tie him up, gag him and put a bag over his head before Naidoo arrived to inject air into their veins.

“The problem started when my brother did not use the taser properly and instead of the current being on, he put the torch light on and tried stunning her. We both had to struggle trying to stun her (their mother) and tie her up... .I tried tying the cable ties around her arms and legs, but she broke them and she screamed and we had to silence her, so my brother punched her and I put a sock in her mouth and tied it with insulation tape around her head.”

She could not put a plastic bag over her mother as she fought back.

“So I tried knocking my mother out with my right hand... and then I used my elbow on her head.”

Nicolette then recounts how “I took the syringe and although I don't know how to inject into a vein, I tried out of desperation in her left arm a couple of times, along the left side of her neck a few times and also twice underneath the left breast, towards the heart, to induce a heart palpitation.

“It did not work and I was in a panic and also Hardus was upset.”

She telephoned Naidoo to tell him she needed help.

“He (Naidoo) said that he could not get involved in the affairs of mortals. Mathew told my brother and I that he is a higher being. He told me it's God's will that my mother dies and I should take a kitchen knife.

“I asked how to stab her and he explained how to stab her in the throat and the side of the jaw on both sides and also the heart... I had to hold the knife high and plunge it into her.”

She said she did not want to do this.

“I will be honest if I say that my mother really got on my and my brother's nerves, but if I did not believe in my heart that it was God's will I would never have done it.”

She said in her statement she has been her mother's punching bag for most of her life, but the murders were Naidoo's idea.

The case continues. - Sapa

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