040510. Inside Rivonia Teazers following the gunned down strip club boss Lolly Jackson . Picture: Dumisani Sibeko

Durban - A controversial plan to open a strip club in uMhlanga Rocks seems to be gathering steam.

Residents of uMhlanga Rocks have been up in arms over rumours that Durban Teazers boss Shaun Russouw is about to convert Gordon’s Pub and Grill into a strip club.

Ward 35 councillor Heinz de Boer said: “At this stage they are operating as a pub.

“I have spoken to the new owner and it looks like he wants to turn it into a lounge, but there will be an element of paid-for dancing.

“Potentially he intends turning it into a strip club, should the pub and restaurant not work out.”

De Boer was adamant that, should the new owner open a strip club, it would be met with resistance.

Russouw, however, was non-committal on his plans.

He said: “Apparently the residents are up in arms, but we have not yet decided whether the place will be turned into a strip club or not.”

Peter Rose, chairman of uMhlanga Tourism, said: “If the rumours were true that a strip club is to be opened… uMhlanga Rocks is a family holiday resort and putting a strip club right in the face of holidaymakers, including children, will not be accepted.”

He said the city’s business licensing authority would have to ascertain whether the establishment was operating a business for which it had been granted the licence to operate.

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