Tattoo artist Macalister Dalton

When a person whose body previously functioned fully is affected by a physical disability, they are often left piecing their lives back together and trying to find a place in society that fits their new circumstances. This is especially true for a young person with much of their life still ahead of them. Macalister Dalton of Chatsworth does not want to fit into this narrative, nor does he want to be classed as “physically disabled”. 

The 27-year-old tattoo artist prides himself on his perseverance and focus. Suffering from a rare disease that affects all the muscles in his body, you would be forgiven if you didn't expect the kind of talent and determination displayed by this young man. 

But his work is evidence that the human spirit really can triumph over adversity. 

Macalister started doing tattoos at a young age. 

“I always was into art, then I decided to make my own tattoo machine because I thought it was something fun to do,” said Dalton. 

Tattoo artist Macalister Dalton

His condition makes it nearly impossible to commute to and from work but with the help of his younger brother and friends, he never misses a beat.

“It’s all about focus, concentration. And vibration plays a big part. If you are not feeling it, you (should) rather just not do it,” said Macalister.

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