A Pietermaritzburg house would have to be rebuilt from the ground after a large delivery truck crashed into it, splitting it in two, the Weekend Witness reported on Saturday.

According to the newspaper the truck driver had left it idling while he went to an ATM.

The sugar-laden vehicle rolled down the road, hit a lamp, crashed into a gate, crushed a vehicle parked outside the house and went on to make its way through the house.

The driver, Basil Chislett said he could not explain what happened.

“I heard a big bang and I turned around... It was the truck running away... I tried to catch up with it but it was too late,” Chislett was quoted saying.

The owners of the house were away on holiday and had left the house in the care of a friend, Jade James.

She was in the house when the incident happened.

James told the Weekend Witness she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when she heard the truck come into the yard.

“I went to the kitchen window to see what it was. I was shocked to see a truck with no driver coming into the yard,” she said.

“I broke the window with my hand and jumped out. I ran around looking for the dogs. It was a miracle that I was not hurt.”

The owner of the house refused to speak about the incident.

The truck driver would face charges of reckless and negligent driving. - Sapa