Professor Fatima Meer Picture: Paul Magruder The Natal Mercury/ Independent Archives/ African News Agency(ANA)

This Heritage Day, Independent Media is celebrating the 20 greatest women and men of KwaZulu-Natal. 

The focus is on iconic figures in the province, who through their activism changed the path of the Struggle against colonialism and apartheid. 

These are women and men whose legacy is an integral part of KZN's heritage. 

Each video interview is with someone who worked closely with the subject of the profile or an historian who has researched the individual. 

Fatima Meer was a writer, academic, screenwriter, and prominent anti-apartheid activist.

Born to a newspaper editor in 1928, Meer quickly became involved in politics. She vehemently opposed segregation that became a reality via the Group Areas Act, and was among the first women to join the executive panel of the Natal Indian Congress, where she continued to lead marches against the apartheid government.

The Struggle stalwart died in 2010, aged 81.

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