WATCH: Durban funeral home unveils Rolls Royce Ghost for those who want to go out in style

Published Aug 26, 2022


Durban - Pinetown Funeral Services recently introduced a modified Rolls Royce Ghost as its latest addition to an impressive fleet.

Speaking to IOL, Christopher Moodley, one of the directors, said they bought the vehicle last year, wanting to create a hearse to match the Phantom, which they purchased in 2020.

“We later purchased a second Phantom and proceeded to modify the Ghost into a hearse. The car had to be sent to Johannesburg to be modified and the intricate details were given by us to the builders. We wanted a car that was dynamic, had aesthetically beautiful (features) and enchanted onlookers,” Moodley said.

He said 22 years ago, they purchased their first Rolls Royce.

“The Rolls Royce is the English Queen’s car and among the most expensive cars in the world. Adding a Rolls Royce to our fleet was our dream. Since the addition of the car, bereaved families have been requesting the use of it at funerals and there is a high demand. Everyone wants a regal seat,” he said.

A local funeral home has once again turned heads, this time with its modified Rolls Royce Ghost, modified with gull wings. Picture: Supplied

A local funeral home has once again turned heads, this time with its modified Rolls Royce Ghost, modified with gull wings. Picture: Supplied

Over the last three decades, the family of brothers and nephews have worked to grow the business into the success it is today.

“We strive to provide excellent service and give comfort to families.

“Death is a difficult pill to swallow, having your loved one treated properly from the time they are collected, kept in the mortuary , delivered to your home and buried or cremated, is integral. Everyone wants to have that peace of mind that their loved one is treated like royalty. Our aim is to provide that peace,” Moodley said.

He explained that the family followed in his father Ricky Moodley’s footsteps.

“He was also an undertaker. When he passed away my brother, Clive Moodley, took over his role and he led our family to success. My brother was determined to create the best funeral service and through his genius thinking and strategies, we have succeeded.

“My nephews work hard and each of us rely on the other to ensure we are successful. We are united and we have a common goal to be the best in the industry and serve the community with excellence,” Moodley told IOL.

He said their strong family bond sets them apart.

The family claims that the Rolls Royce Ghost hearse, with winged doors or gull wings, is the first of its kind in the world. It has a value of R5 million after its rebuild.

“This hearse puts our fleet into an incomparable category. Our fleet is the pride of our business and we are especially particular on presenting a reputable set of vehicles to grieving families. The hearse will obviously be given to families on a first come, first served basis, if it’s available it will be used,” Moodley said.

He added that while some people fend off pompous funerals, others want the last memory to be a luxurious experience

“There are those who seek lavish, opulent funerals that depict the lives of the deceased,” Moodley said.